Every Museum Has One Exhibit in Common

Posted by Adam Hoffman on Jan 7, 2020 4:20:23 PM

From the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Missouri to The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, the hallowed halls of American museums often provide their guests with world class art, live performances, and memorable special events.

Regardless of the content your museum has on tap on any given week, your patrons reliably spend time in one permanent installation every time they visit: the restrooms.

Museums face the same imperative as other high-traffic venues, to keep their restrooms immaculate because their customers' loyalty often relies on it.

64% of consumers consciously take restroom cleanliness into account when choosing which attractions to patronize, and over 80% of Americans are concerned about germs from public restrooms.

Put simply, museum staff know that the experience their guests have in the restroom will substantially impact their experience at the museum.

Keeping restrooms clean is unfortunately a consistent boondoggle for custodial teams. In addition to dealing with the unpredictable nature of restroom cleanliness and usage, custodial teams have to handle thousands of guests yearly, and during some peak periods, daily.

Compounding that challenge is that these same cleaning teams are often tasked with keeping the whole museum clean, not just restrooms. It's one thing to make sure toilets aren't clogged and toilet paper is full - it's another to do that while keeping the rest of the building pristine.

That is why some museums are using restroom management technology like Qstodian to help their cleaning teams better guarantee high quality service.

Museum restrooms have become something of a fascination of late, with articles from across the globe highlighting the cleanest, most creative, and best in restroom cleanliness. Next up? An industry standard of cleaning excellence so high that it's impossible to rate a single museum #1 compared to all the others.





Photo: Paolo Cocco

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