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Posted by Adam Hoffman on Sep 17, 2019 1:41:24 PM

Technology is redefining customer experiences in nearly every industry by improving quality and convenience. Learn more about some new technologies that are changing the stadium and large event venue customer experience. 


Despite the influx of new customer experience technology, facility managers are challenged with:

  1. Ensuring that their stadium is operationally up to snuff
  2. Continually updating attendee-centered technologies to ensure that customers return while also drawing in new attendees 
  3. Determining which technologies will have staying power vs. which will have limited impact on the customer experience

We've reviewed a few technology applications worth a look - some are newer while others are more familiar - that are changing what customers expect when they attend an event.

Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch Screen Kiosks are an easy and inexpensive way to increase consumer convenience and streamline your operations. The simplest application of kiosks is to serve as a directory or map for helping guests find the nearest restroom or gift shop. These alleviate the need for ushers and vendors to provide this information and allows them to focus on more pressing tasks.

Touch Screen Kiosks are also used to improve operations, expediting concessions orders. Giving users the opportunity to order remotely shortens the wait in line, and improves their overall experience at the event. 


Beacons are a newer offering that allow stadiums to push relevant information directly to customers. Beacons use geolocation to establish a perimeter and disseminate information to customers once they have entered that range, and, unlike wi-fi, they do not require a user to opt in to engage. Vendors can use beacons to announce special offerings or sales to people within their radius. The stadium can use beacons to maximize queuing efficiency by telling customers about shorter wait times nearby.

Connectivity Through 5G

The primary benefit of 5G is that it supports the faster transmission of data, which directly benefits stadiums and large event venues that need expansive bandwidth to support customer devices. However, higher frequencies have a shorter transmission range which means stadiums will need more antennas and radios, and these antennas and radios must be closer to seats! New 5G supported devices will be in-market in 2020. Some facility managers and owners are preparing for this change now.

In-Seat Charging

The recent development of wireless chargers means facilities can offer this helpful service to customers in the future, making sure they don't miss a minute of the action or a notification from one of your vendors! While this tech has yet to hit the market, considering what your visitors will want and expect is critical to future planning.

Restroom Management

New anonymous customer counting technologies and tools for interaction in restrooms help facility managers stay on top of restroom and maintenance issues. The Qstodian solution leads the industry, combining proactive and reactive tools that improve overall restroom cleanliness and usage to help facilities better plan for and adapt to attendee needs. 


Keeping up with changes in technology is critical to the overall success of your venue. We hope you found this article helpful and will reach out to us when you're ready to learn more about the Qstodian solution.


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