The #1 Reason High-Traffic Venues Lose Business - and How to get it Back

Posted by Adam Hoffman on Oct 10, 2019 2:43:59 PM

Sometimes, it takes sophisticated analysis from expensive consultants to diagnose revenue shortfalls. And other times, basic numbers really do tell the whole story.

This is one of those straightforward times.

It is rare to find rock-solid consensus on anything today, let alone questions of business strategy, but there is broad agreement across industries that unclean restrooms in frequently visited buildings - from offices to ski resorts - substantially decrease revenue.

Here is the simple, data-driven case for why dirty restrooms are hitting your bottom line hard.

  1. 64% of consumers consciously choose businesses based on their restroom cleanliness - source
  2. 95% of adults say cleanliness can elevate a good business to a great business - source
  3. 52% of Americans will spend more money at businesses with clean restrooms - source
  4. 94% of consumers have a negative perception of stores that have dirty restrooms - source
  5. 75% of U.S. adults will not return to a restaurant that has dirty restrooms - source
  6. 55% of shoppers are unlikely to return to a business after having a bad restroom experience - source
  7. The majority of Americans say that a poorly maintained restroom shows that the company that owns it is also poorly run - source
  8. 80% of patrons are concerned about germs in public restrooms - source
  9. 94% of Americans believe that restroom cleanliness is more important now than ever before - source
  10. 86% of U.S. adults rate restroom cleanliness as a very important part of their restaurant experience - source
  11. 79% of consumers will avoid restaurants that have unkept restrooms - source
  12. Dirty restrooms significantly affect online reviews, which is a problem since a one-star Yelp rating increase can lead to a 5%-9% revenue bump - source
  13. 92% of consumers say if a restaurant's restrooms are clean, they're more likely to recommend it to friends - source
  14. If the restaurant is clean, 51% of folks will overlook poor service - source
  15. 73% say that a smelly restroom is worse than getting the wrong food order - source
  16. In the office, Improving cleanliness improves productivity by up to 10% - source
  17. Adults are most likely to get sick from a dirty office restroom - source
  18. 83% of employees believe that the cleanliness in their workplace restrooms reflect how their company feels about them - source
  19. 50% of all building complaints have to do with restroom maintenance - source
  20. 71% of consumers won't return to an athletic facility if the restrooms or locker rooms are unclean - source
  21. 65% of students say that restroom cleanliness influenced their impression of the school - source
  22. 60% of prospective students and their parents inspect restrooms before making the decision to enroll - source
  23. Human Acquired Infections cost hospitals over $25 billion annually - source
  24. 77% of adults say that they would avoid health care facilities if they have dirty restrooms - source
  25. 1 out of every 25 hospital patients acquires a healthcare associated infection during their hospital stay - source
  26. 1 in 5 consumers choose whether to make a purchase in a road-side convenience store based on how clean its restrooms are - source
  27. 45% of adults say they will avoid gas stations and c-stores that have dirty restrooms - source
  28. Drivers rank clean restrooms the #1 most important amenity at rest stops - source

If you are a high-traffic location such as a restaurant, hospital, office building, ski resort, amusement park, airport, stadium, event venue, transit hub, golf course, or retailer, the data says you need to prioritize an investment in restroom management technology.




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